July 12, 2022, Around Town, Outdoor Activities

Three Awesome Sedona Rides for Cyclists

What better way to kick off your morning in Sedona than with a bike ride on one of the city’s countless trails through the awe-inspiring red rocks. Weaving around buttes and gliding through vortexes, the area’s sizable trail system can seem like a neverending network leading you to a series of incredible lookout spots. Here we give you three classic Verde Valley trails, accessible for beginner to intermediate riders, and tips to help you make the most of your ride through the desert.

Know Before You Go

Before you embark on your trek, get your gear in order to ensure a smooth ride. We provide mountain bike cleaning and repair services for our guests right at the hotel. If you need to rent a ride, visit Thunder Mountain Bikes, and their experts will outfit you with the perfect bike to fit your needs, seven days a week. It’s important to carry the essentials with you on your ride; a bike pump, tire patch kit, and first aid kit are helpful tools to have on hand during your ride. Protect yourself from the elements with sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, a helmet, plenty of water, and electrolytes. Pack a snack or PB&J to refuel mid-ride, and of course, keep a fully charged cell phone with you at all times.

Three Popular Spots to Bike to in Sedona

Chuckwagon Trail – A great introduction to the trails and terrain in Sedona, bikers will want to start their excursion here at the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead pedaling counterclockwise on this 4-mile loop, saving the best parts for last. Enjoy the rolling trails that flow in and out of the area’s slickrock washes as you descend about 500 feet before leveling up as the trail comes to an end.


Aerie to Cockscomb Loop Trail – Beginning at the Aerie Trailhead and heading southwest towards Cockscomb, this 4.5-mile singletrack loop is ideal for beginners or anyone short on time. Rated as a moderate-level trail, it includes some twists and turns along the way, making for an exciting journey. Be prepared for a few short climbs, some minor rock obstacles, and plenty of picture-perfect views as you circle the base of Doe Mountain.


Mescal Trail – Starting at Long Canyon Road, this 2.4-mile-long out-and-back trail along the base of Mescal Mountain is one of Sedona’s most popular trails for biking. Cited as a short, intermediate route, be prepared for sections of slickrock and loose gravel. After ascending the initial climb, the ride transitions to rolling trails where riders are rewarded with sweeping views of Boynton Canyon before descending to the trail end.


Skywalker Trail – Short and sweet but brimming with adventure, Skywalker Trail is a 2-mile out-and-back connector trail nestled between Old Post trail and Herkenham trail. The 442-foot climb leads you through some tricky turns and exposed ledges that intermediates may want to walk instead of ride along. This trail is praised for its scenic 360-degree views at the high point that showcases the iconic red rock formations that make Sedona so memorable.