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The Sacred Red Rocks

Sedona Vortexes

Discover the Sedona Vortexes

A Destination Point for Spiritual Seekers

Sedona’s spiritual history began more than 1500 years ago with the Sinagua people designating the majestic red rocks as sacred ground. Then in the 1970s, word spread through the United States urging spiritual seekers to visit Sedona for its “high energy mediation sites.”

By 1979, the sites were nicknamed “Sedona vortexes” and became the holy ground for those seeking spiritual healing and development. Set atop some of the most picturesque sites in the Verde Valley, the Sedona vortexes draw nearly 4 million visitors every year.

Whether you’re looking for guidance and healing, clarity and protection, or simply feeling the energy wash over you, the Sedona vortexes offer a special experience for everyone.

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Your Sedona Spiritual Guides

Discover the most popular Sedona vortexes with tips from our concierge team.

Self and Guided Tours

Exploring the Sedona Vortexes

Your concierge team at Sedona Real keeps Sedona vortex maps at the front desk for tours of all kinds, including self-guided hiking tours and private, guided tours with an experienced local guide through the backroads.

Jeep tours are another great way to experience Sedona vortexes and breathtaking rock formations without breaking a sweat (except for when your adrenaline starts pumping).

We’ll handle your reservations and help you sort through all the choices for exploring the mystical side of Sedona.

Recommended Itineraries

Our Local Favorites

Centrally located between the four most popular Sedona vortexes, Sedona Real is a perfect home base for your spiritual journey.

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex
Less than 10 minutes away along 89A, you’ll find the Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex. With twisted Juniper trees said to signify the location of a strong vortex, this hot spot is one of Sedona’s main energy centers. Take a short hike to the top at sunrise to charge your crystals, while gazing at the majestic hills and valleys of the rocky landscape.

Bell Rock Vortex
Bell Rock’s distinctive shape makes it stand out amongst the rolling red mountains. Driving up to the trailhead off Highway 179, you’ll feel the shift in energy at this powerful Sedona vortex. Take in the feeling from the valley below the peak, or travel up to Meditation Perch and close your eyes as this balanced energy source fulfills and heals.

Boynton Canyon Vortex
A short drive up Dry Creek Road is Boynton Canyon. Noteable rock formation Kachina Woman stands to the east, flanked by rocky basins where a combination of inflow and upflow energy spirals through the air. This trail is especially wonderful around mid-October, when you can catch the natural fall colors changing with Mother Nature’s rhythms.

Cathedral Rock/Red Rock Crossing
This electromagnetic Sedona vortex looms over the city at the junction of Highway 89A and 179. Enter Crescent Moon Park, and walk along a creek toward Cathedral Rock and directly through this energy funnel that strengthens your feminine qualities: kindness, compassion, and patience. At over 650 feet in elevation, the hike to the top of Cathedral Rock is strenuous but offers a view of painted desert as far as the eye can see.

Your Wellness Destination

Beyond the Sedona Vortexes

In addition to the hundreds of miles of hiking trails to enjoy during your spiritual journey, there are numerous businesses catering to Sedona vortex seekers:

Enjoy a massage, spend a relaxing afternoon touring Sedona Wineries, then head to one of the area’s many New Age shops for candles, crystals, and more.

Try a healing session with a local Reiki, center yourself with an energy healer, or peer into the future with a psychic reading.

Plan your Sedona vacation around one of the many annual events, such as the Illuminate Film Festival.

No matter what suits your fancy, Sedona’s year-round beauty offers options for personal growth of all kinds and all realms!

The center of your spiritual journey

Sedona Real

The aura of Sedona vortexes is palpable for miles, but you don’t need to wander far to find comfort and convenience. At the intersection of your rejuvenation and relaxation, find energy flowing from every direction in the heart of the rolling red rocks.

For help planning your journey to the Sedona vortexes, reach out to our concierge team.