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Ancient Ruins

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Sedona Ancient Ruins

For more than a thousand years, Native Americans inhabited much of the land in and around Sedona, Arizona. There are several well-preserved historic sites and ancient ruins in Sedona for the visitor interested in Native American history to enjoy and marvel at.

Visit the Palakti and Honanki cliff dwelling and rock art sites that are just a short drive from Sedona Real. There are several other sites that make great additions to day trips including Montezuma’s Castle and Well, Tuzigoot, Walnut Canyon, and Wupakti. Be sure to stop at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff which houses a vast collection of artifacts and hosts seasonal exhibitions.

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Southwest Archeological Wonders

Native American Heritage

Though there are many theories, it is not known why the people of this area seemed to vanish around 500 years ago. For those interested in Native American history, the heritage they left behind and how they lived many centuries before the settlers arrived, you only need look around Sedona and marvel at their accomplishments. Your Sedona Real concierge team can help you plan an itinerary that includes tours and expert tips for enjoying the rich archeological wonders of the area.

Arizona’s desert roots run deep

Wupakti National Monument

Just an hour’s drive from Sedona you’ll find the archeological wonder of Wupakti National Monument–home of over 800 Anasazi and Sinagua pueblos. On the way you’ll find plenty of sweeping vistas and views of the red rocks, once you arrive these impressive ruins will inspire photographer and philosopher alike. Give yourself 2-3 hours to explore this monument–it's an excellent spot for a picnic lunch among the pinyon pines.

Gaze through the window of the past

Montezuma Castle

Built by the Sinagua people, Montezuma Castle on Beaver Creek, showcases cliff dwellings along its self-guided interpretive trail. Montezuma Well, a mesa-top, spring fed pool, provided a constant water source for humans and animals over thousands of years. Both sites illuminate the lives of bygone people and their environment.

The petroglyph of Verde Valley

V Bar V Heritage Site

On the banks of beautiful Beaver Creek boasts a solar calendar. The ancients showed a keen interest in the movements of sun, moon and stars for a variety of reasons that archaeologists are still investigating. Keeping track of planting and harvest times for corn, beans and squash accounted for part of it. Their attention to certain star clusters also suggests a cosmology and a set of spiritual practices that today are but little understood.

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