January 26, 2022, Tours & Attractions

The Five Best Family Hikes in Sedona

The hiking in Sedona is spectacular, but not all trails are created equal. If you’re looking for a hike the whole family can enjoy, here are five popular hikes perfect for every member of the family.

1. Baldwin Loop

At 3.3 miles long, with only a minor elevation gain, Baldwin Loop is ideal for families of all ages. Even as you begin, you’ll enjoy views of the iconic Cathedral Rock as you wind around the base of the wind-carved Red Rock Butte. From the Baldwin Trail, you’ll gradually descend toward Oak Creek and the flats—plan to detour for a dip in the swimming hole. Fully refreshed, you and the family are ready to proceed toward Cathedral Rock; you can take photos of the backside of the fantastic formation. This is a soft, pine-scented pathway sure to delight all the senses.

2. Devil’s Bridge Trail

Instagrammers will instantly be drawn to Devil’s Bridge Trail, which is one of Sedona’s most photographed sights in Sedona. And for good reason: Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in this part of the Coconino National Forest. Nearly 4 miles long, this popular trail has only a 400-foot elevation gain and features some of Arizona’s stunningly colorful wildflowers. Once you reach Devil’s Bridge, it’s time for a family portrait on the arch, which is wide enough and safe enough to walk on (provided you avoid the edge!). Fun fact: the natural bridge is 54 feet high and 45 feet long.

3. Sedona View Trail

One of the most popular child-friendly hikes in Sedona, this trek features flat paths and a roundtrip length of 1.2 miles. Hiking the Sedona View Trail rewards families with fantastic views of Chimney Rock, Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain. It begins with a downhill descent among juniper trees and prickly-pear cactus; look out for butterflies and listen for the buzz of the “real world” on Airport Road as planes fly overhead. And Sedona View Trail ends at the site of a vortex, where a short uphill climb rewards hikers with a few meditative moments and plenty of photo opps.

4. Huckaby Trail

A stone’s throw from the sights and sounds of Sedona, Huckaby Trail winds 5.7 miles through the Coconino National Forest, offering a variety of views to even the tiniest of trekkers. (Many baby carriers have been spotted here.) Enjoy the drop into Bear Wallow Wash before hitting level ground; at Oak Creek, you’ll see Uptown Sedona and such red rock formations as Snoopy and Lucy. If you cross the creek and hike to Midgely Bridge, you’ll discover even more breathtaking vistas of this vortex-populated area of Arizona.

5. Cathedral Rock Trail

Save this one for the teenagers instead of the little tykes, as Cathedral Rock Trail can feel more like a rock climb than a hike. Basket cairns lead across a wash and up a moderate slope toward the Cathedral’s spires; keep pushing toward a wide saddle between two of them for views of the rolling desert landscapes to the west. The most spectacular views, though, are from the top—don’t miss the close-up of an exposed lava dike. And rest assured there are toeholds for the steepest parts of the rocks.