July 12, 2022, Around Town, Day Trips, Family Adventures, Outdoor Activities

Find Your Zen

Known as an electrifying hub for all things spiritual, metaphysical, and otherworldly, your trip to Sedona isn’t complete without taking time to transcend. Here we introduce you to the area’s iconic vortexes, the best places to stock up on crystals and sage, and the abundance of ethereal experiences available to all spiritual seekers. These are our top recommendations for spiritual expansion in the city of vortexes.
Be Your Own Guru:
When you listen to the call and start venturing down your own spiritual path, you might be drawn to physical objects to help you tap into the non-physical. Crystals, herbs, tarot cards, singing bowls, meditation music, and incense are common accouterments used to help set the scene for deep inner work. Sedona’s not-so-secret hidden gem of a shop, Crystal Magic, is your one-stop shop where you’ll find tools of the trade. Since 1984, this popular shop has provided its loyal customers near and far with a selection of intentionally curated stones, jewelry, aromatherapy, books, and self-care products designed to help you get into alignment.
Take a Cue from Mother Nature:
Connecting with the earth is the simplest way to slow down and get in touch with something greater than yourself. Sedona is known for its highly potent energetic centers, or vortexes, scattered throughout its red rock landscape. The four most popular places to experience this heightened energy are Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Boynton Canyon. There are a number of trails for hiking and biking at these vortexes that are all open to the public. People often report feeling inspired, motivated, and energized at these sights, and it’s not uncommon to see visitors take advantage of the high vibes by meditating, practicing yoga, or engaging in rituals. Bring your newly purchased crystals along for the journey; Sedona’s powerful vortex energy will help supercharge your new tools.
Immersive Inspiration:
After spending time recharging in the great outdoors, channel your energy into creative expression. The Sedona Arts Center offers workshops, classes, events, and online learning opportunities designed to provide demonstration and instruction for all levels through a variety of mediums. Learn from experienced teachers about how different textures, colors, and shapes can evoke feelings and emotions while mastering new techniques or brushing up on old ones. The center also doubles as an art gallery where visitors can explore the works of over 100 local and regional artists.
Expand Your Mind:
Like Lao Tzu famously stated, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” you too can connect with Eastern, Western, and Indigenous philosophical teachings with your own knowledgeable guide. Through our partnership with Sedona Philosophy, Sedona Real guests receive 15 percent off on one of their private and customizable Walk + Talks, ranging from 1 to 5 miles long. Join one of their experienced guides on an Easy Walk, Moderate to Advanced Hike, or a Sunrise, Sunset, or Starlight Hike for a private experience to learn about the land’s nature, culture, and history.