February 3, 2022, Outdoor Activities, Tours & Attractions

A Vortex a Day Keeps the Negativity Away

Imagine swirling centers of energy that help us heal, meditate and explore our innermost selves. These are vortexes, and only in Sedona can you find such special places where the planet seems especially full of inspirational, recharging and uplifting energy. After visiting a vortex, you will feel different, in the best of ways.

The best way to experience a vortex is to know not only where to go, but also how to get the most out of the location that simply crackles with energy, flowing upward, downward, and all around you.

Airport Mesa

Thanks to its proximity and its 360-degree panoramic view of downtown Sedona (and well beyond), this vortex is among the most popular, drawing yoga practitioners, drummers, sound healers, and hikers. Head out first thing in the morning and make your way to the Saddle or the top of the middle mound, found via the Summit trail. This is an upflow area (also known as electric or masculine) purported to lift spirits for a greater perspective, oneness, and serenity.

Cathedral Rock

The energy at Cathedral Rock is said to enter the earth here, making it the only “feminine” vortex of the four major sites. But when you reach the top, at the saddles between the spires (reached by a hike with a 650-foot elevation gain), you’ll be in a combination, or electromagnetic area, which people believe is best for deeper meditation and more advanced spiritual skills. Be sure to stop halfway up the Templeton Trail at Red Rock Crossing for the contemplative views of Sedona and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Bell Rock

Formed by geological forces to resemble a giant standing bell, this vortex is spiderwebbed with stunning hiking trails such as the Bell Rock Pathway and the Bell Rock Trail. This vortex is especially inspiring for the soul, locals say, because of its masculine energy, which is just as powerful at the base as it is at the top of Bell Rock. Following the Courthouse Butte Loop Trail for five miles around this base is a great way to absorb the power of the vortex while conserving your own energy.

Boynton Canyon

A 1.1 mile vista trail here offers an incredibly easy way to experience the Boynton Canyon vortex, considered to be the most sacred of all four. You can continue further: Stretching 2.5 miles long, this box canyon offers a balance of spiritual energy that has drawn the native Yavapai-Apache for sacred ceremonies. Look out for the Kachina Woman rock formation, said to be the center of the vortex.